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Truck Division

Manufacturers of Anti Vibration Mounts & Rubber to Metal bonded Parts.


Engine Mounting

We have a wide range of Engine mountings for trucks and trailers.High grade Aluminium guilts are used for making Aluminium castings using Pressure die casting and Gravity casting.engin

Spring Cushion/Hollow Spring

With more than 11 types of Spring Cushions for various trucks and Earthmovers, we have the expertise and the range to cater to any requirements of our customers. engin

Center Bearing

High Quality bearings are used for propeller shaft mountings. We have all sizes of bearings available such as ⌀45mm, ⌀50mm, ⌀55mm, ⌀60mm, ⌀70mm. Only Quality bearings are used, the customer can also choose the Bearing Brand for the propeller shaft mounts.

Torque Rod / Axle Rod Kit

We have in our range, Torque Rod bushes of all sizes such as OD: ⌀67mm, OD:⌀70mm, OD: ⌀75mm, OD: ⌀85mm, OD: ⌀88mm, OD: ⌀90mm, OD: ⌀95mm, OD: ⌀100mm, OD: ⌀108mm. Very High Quality grade forgings are used in these torque rods. All Specifications from OD Length, center to center, Bore sizes are readily available with us.engin


Trailer Division

trail We have a wide range of Trailer parts. The range covers all major parts for trailers such as

  • Rubber Buffer
  • Polyurethane Bushes
  • Hub Caps
  • Container Lock
  • Hanger
  • Equalizer
  • Break Shoe Springs
  • Torque Arm

“All reference to part numbers, vehicles, models and/or manufacturers are for informational purposes only”

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